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Fifa 14 Mod EA Sports FC 24 Download Apk, OBB & Data For Android 

FIFA 14 MOD EA SPORTS FC 24 Apk Obb Data download

Here is another version of the FIFA game which you like to download for your Android device, you can now download FIFA 14 mod EA Sports FC 24 APK OBB and data file for your Android smartphone. 

You should get to download the game with your favorite download platform the latest version of the game FIFA 14 mod EA Sports FC 24 APK OBB is said to be provided in the offline version. 

You should also get it with the latest updated kids and with the features of the new player transfer followed up with some other features like an updated Stadium with the latest balls. 

FIFA 14 mod EA sports FC 24 APK OBB Data

Normally if you want to see any game that comes with APK + OBB + data then you should already have it at the back of your mind that the game is designed to be the player’s offline version on your Android device. 

Beat this particular game FIFA 14 mod in a sport fc24 is one of the latest Fifa-related games with a New Edition and latest player transfer. 

Which will give you one of the top-notch experiences you should get on the latest version of FIFA featured as FIFA 2024.

Football season changes feature and all the other updates of different games also change which will also get to see the new appearance and new faces on your players with different kinds of customization that can also be done on them. 

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Most of the games also look into the lifestyle and their player faces so as to make the game more unique this is also one of the features you see on the latest version of this FIFA 14 mod EA Sports FC 24.

And this game that features FIFA 24 came with a career mode feature which is working normally and can also be played on this game play mode properly. 

The graphic user interface is one of the top Notch which is programmed with one of the best graphics in 4k that features the latest update architecture of the game FIFA 24 APK. 

Basic Features Of Fifa 14 Mod EA Sports FC 24

  • Download size is now 900MB. 
  • The different bug has been fixed. 
  • Games that crash in the middle of playing are fixed. 
  • You can now see your player faces look more real. 
  • Season updated to the latest one with the full transfer. 
  • The manager Mode error has been fixed. 
  • The player rating age and ID error has been fixed. 
  • Latest background display. 
  • Faces and hair updates have been made on different players up to 200 Plus. 
  • The game is provided with the latest kits and mini kits. 
  • A new stadium with the latest ball features. 
  • Different tournaments which entail Premier League UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League Bundesliga and so on available. 
  • All European tournaments like the La Liga League Serie A Italian and so on are also available. 
  • Latest graphics with new texture file. 

You should get to see more features once you download and install the game on your device. 

Fifa 14 Mod EA Sports FC 24 (What’s New) 

  • Latest Kits, Ps5 Camera. 
  • Update Graphics With Ps4 Camera to 2024.
  • New Player Face 2024.
  • Latest Update Players and Team Transfer 2024.

Download Fifa 14 Mod EA Sports FC 24 Apk OBB Data

The download page is provided with four major links which redirect you to the direct download link from our telegram download page. 

And the other three links to download the FIFA 14 mod EA sport fc24 features that link for APK OBB and data which you can download all using the download page below. 

App NameFifa 14 Mod EA Sports FC 24
Other Files Apk, OBB, and Data
Download Size900MB
Features Version Fifa 2024
Season Update 2023/2024

Download Here

Graphics Display

How To Install

You can use the same process that you use to install any related game that comes with an APK OBB and data file which is by downloading and moving the appropriate file like the data and OBB file to the main folder. 

And install the APK so as to start playing the game as an offline version. 

  1. You will first need to download the modified version of the FIFA 24 APK OBB and the data file from the above download page. 
  2. After the download is successful you will need to extract each file using a mobile file manager that can extract any zip file. 
  3. Once the extraction is done then you will need to move the FIFA 24 OBB file to the OBB folder which can be found on your storage unit in Android/OBB. 
  4. And you will also need to move the data file to the data for the which can also be found in Android/data folder. 
  5. Then you can now proceed to install the APK or you can install it at first and don’t open it before you move the other files. 

Once you successfully move the files you cannot proceed to open the game and start playing it. 

Bottom Line

Have you been able to play your game FIFA 14 mod EA Sports FC 24 on your Android device? If so it’s better to share the kind of experience you have with the game below in a discussion session so as to know the kind of attention that we were already giving to the game. 


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  1. The last FIFA 14 mod 23 you posted did not work on my device it says download failed because you may not have purchased this app please tell me what to do

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