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FC Mobile 24 APK  EA Sports And Nexon Latest Apk OBB Data Download

FC Mobile 24 APK  EA Sports And Nexon Latest Apk OBB Data Download

FC Mobile 24 is the latest addition to the EA Sports and Nexon football game series. It comes with incredible new features, including new gameplay improvements, realistic customization sections, and new Club and League licenses. The game has also introduced a new football hero in Vinicius JR and three new ambassadors- Enzo Fernandez, Ming Sun, and Erling Haaland, who will grace the game’s main section. With the Champions League official competition, this game will undoubtedly keep you glued to your mobile phone screen. Below, we’ll discuss its features, new additions, and the download and installation process.

New Features in FC Mobile 24

With the launch of FC Mobile 24, EA Sports has once again brought a revolutionary football game for Android and iOS players. The game has introduced new ambassadors, club licenses, game modes, and realistic features. In this blog, let’s explore the new features of FC Mobile 24 in detail.

Vinicius JR as the New Face

The talented footballer from the Real Madrid team, Vinicius JR, is the new face of FC Mobile 24. Along with him, the game has also introduced three new ambassadors – Erling Haaland, Enzo Fernandez, and Ming Sun.

New Game Modes

FC Mobile 24 has added exciting new game modes, including the official competition of the Champions League. Players can now play the 23/24 edition of the Champions League with the clubs currently participating, which is a major highlight of the game. The game also includes new clubs, leagues and competitions from all over the world, such as the Copa Libertadores and the Sudamericana.

New Club and League Licences

FC Mobile 24 has acquired new club and league licenses from all over the world, making the game more accessible and diverse. The game has incorporated a large number of new clubs and competitions, making it possible to play with South American clubs and clubs from many other parts of the world.

Realistic Features and Animations

FC Mobile 24 showcases realistic customization sections, allowing players to modify many basic characteristics of the game. It also includes new dribbles and skills, depending on players’ attributes, and different shooting variations. The game contains cinematic images and realistic animations, providing players with new experiences that were never imagined before.

Champions League Official Competition

FC Mobile 24 now offers the opportunity to play the world’s most important club tournament in a more realistic way than ever before. The game presents the 23/24 edition of the Champions League with all the clubs currently participating. This feature is very similar to the recent Qatar 2022 World Cup. With the official competition, football lovers can now enjoy the most significant club tournament as they have never imagined before.

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New Ambassadors in FC mobile 24 apk EA Sports

FC Mobile 24 welcomes three new ambassadors, Ming Sun, Enzo Fernandez, and Erling Haaland, who will join Vinicius JR in the game. These players will be featured in the main section of the game, alongside the Real Madrid player. With the addition of new ambassadors, FC Mobile 24 aims to provide a better gaming experience to its players. Ming Sun represents China, while Enzo and Erling represents Spain and Norway, respectively. These young talents will bring a fresh perspective to the game and add to the excitement of playing FC Mobile 24.

Gameplay Improvements

FC Mobile 24 brings in a new gameplay structure that caters to all fans alike. With new dribbling skills and shooting variations that depend on each player’s unique attributes, the game’s appeal has grown far and wide. The improvements have been welcomed with open arms, and the unique playing techniques add to the thrill of the game. The sneaky tackles, clever passes, and new tricks are all presented in a realistic manner, making the game seem like a live match occurring on your screens. Get ready to delve into a whole new world of football with FC Mobile 24.

Graphics review

Below are some screenshots taken during the gameplay. Check them out to see the quality of the graphics.

Download and Installation Process

Want to get FC mobile 24 apk EA Sports Fc on your Android? Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  • Before you start installing, make sure you enable the “Unknown Sources” option from your device settings. This will allow your device to install apps from third-party sources.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the APK file, open it and click on “Install”. Wait for the installation process to complete, then launch the app and enjoy the game.

We hope this guide has been helpful in getting you started with FC Mobile 24. Have fun playing!

First, you need to download the FC Mobile 24 APK file. You can access the download link from our websites.

Additional information
Game name FC mobile 24 apk EA Sports
Game size1GB
Supported deviceAndroid v5.0, above

Download Here


To sum it up, FC Mobile 24 is a game that football lovers wouldn’t want to miss. With new ambassadors, game modes, licenses, and realistic features and animations, it brings a whole new experience to mobile gaming. The addition of the official Champions League competition is a cherry on top. The improved gameplay and customization options take it a step further. So, without any doubt, go ahead and install FC Mobile 24 on your Android or iOS device and enjoy the game. Happy gaming!


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