FC Bet – Betting Tips Get Daily Sure Prediction From Fc bet

Fc bet

Here is the app that one of our member on telegram share with us which he won some prediction safe tip, multi score and both team to score game from the app is name FC bet and it’s seems to be free which is not one of all does premium betting app we find on play store but it’s seems they are new and they are using that to draw people attention to them you can just download the fc bet app and what how they operate.

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The app is available on play store for free which is named FC bet directly without any premium charges attached to the app due to the prediction we saw and the winning yesterday it seems to be accurate with better chance of winning predicted I mean soccer prediction available on the better tips app. 


About FC Bet

Fc bet is just a betting tips app that seems to provide it’s user best out of well analyzed soccer prediction for free. I summary the app is just a betting tip app that seems to be free. 

Fc bet

Fc bet betting tips

Features Of FC Bet

  • The app contain several betting tips which some them are multi score tips, 
  • Both teams score tips, over & under tips and more.
  • The app is available on play store and was last updated on 29 of January 2021.
  • It’s a free betting tips app with no premium features. 
  • It’s said to contain ads but we find no ads available on the app yet.
  • Also has a simple design interface that suits it’s users. 
  • The app was released on January 29 according to the play store. 

Fc bet on play store

Download FC Bet betting tips app latest version

  • The app is available for download officially on play store. 
  • And it seems to be free with no attachment attached to it. 
  • Download the app from play store or use below button for direct download link. 
App nameFc bet
TypeBetting tips app
Download size23MB 
Version 9.8
Release dateJan 29 2021



Once you download the app if you pick from their prediction and win then you should know what to do to share it with your friends and rate them on Google according to your own review about the app.


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