Ever Heard of a Zoom Party? Do these 15 Fun Challenges with Your Friends and Never Feel Stuck at Home

Zoom Party

The pandemic might have restricted your mobility, but thanks to technology, it cannot stop you from partying. If you’re asking how you can throw a party without meeting your friends in person, the answer is simple – throw a zoom party!

What started as a video conference platform to enable chatting with friends, communicating with your boss or your clients has now become the preferred channel for partying. This free platform is easy to operate, and if your friends invite you, you don’t need an account.

Here are 15 games that you can play for that perfect Zoom party.

15 Fun Challenges For An Exciting Zoom Party!

To start a Zoom party, you need to shoot digital invites to your friends. Send them a link for joining the party. Share the gaming page with your friends to kick off the party.

Play these 15 online games with your friends on Zoom to kick the boredom out of your life:


Anyone can play this traditional Indian board game that has taken the online gaming world by storm. A ludo download is as simple as it can get, people of any age can get the hang of this online game. Share the link of this website, and you are ready to play Ludo.

The rules of this game are simple. You have 4 home squares with the colors blue, green, yellow, and red. The 5th square in the middle of the board is the finish line.

The game starts by rolling out the dice and you need to score a 6 to start. Send your friends packing to their home squares if your piece lands on theirs. But be prepared for their revenge!


You will have to split your friends into two teams in this game. Every team will have a Spymaster. Do you think you are the next Sherlock Holmes?

There will be 25 secret agents that have unique codenames. Your goal is identifying and contacting all the agents in your team before the rival team does. Clues will be provided by the Spymaster.


If you like games where you have different categories like TV shows or pizza topics, then the game scattergories is perfect for a Zoom party. This game has a giant dice with letters on all sides. Create a list of random categories, and each answer should start with the letter you roll out.


This popular numbers game can spice up your zoom party. You don’t need to call out the numbers like the offline game, just go to Bingo Maker online. Share the password with your friends so that they can log on from their computers or mobile phones.

Each friend needs to pick up a Bingo card and whoever matches all the rows wins the full house. Start striking out the numbers when the online program selects it.

Table Topics

This 135-question game is sure to give your friends food for thought! What makes these questions unique is that they revolve around your life and there are no right or wrong answers. It is a great way to know your friends.

5 Second Rule

You can’t go wrong with this challenge. Be the game owner and throw a challenge to your friends. You read out a topic from a card and your friends need to say three things that relate to the topic in 5 seconds.


There will be two teams in this game with one host. The host will pick up a category and have certain words on their list. The team that writes the maximum number of words matching the host’s list wins the game.


Test your artistic skills with this game. You need to choose a word from the list created by your friends and draw a masterpiece in 80 seconds. The player who guesses what you have drawn wins.

Guess Who?

This guessing game has no age bar and can bring your Zoom party alive. You have to be a fictional character and your friends have to guess who you are by asking questions. Don’t share screens for this game!


All your friends need to download this game to start. There will be real trivia questions and fake answers. Put on your thinking cap to guess the real answer.


There are randomly scattered letters in this board game and you need to make as many words as you can. The player who gets the most words wins. However, if you have made an unreal word, you lose 10 points.


In this game, the judge picks up a card, reads a topic, and shows both teams a random letter. The team who can guess a word that matches the topic gets the trophy. The team with the most words is the ultimate winner.

Tabletop Simulator

If you want to create your own board game, then use the Tabletop Simulator. It has workshop tools to help you create a unique game. You can also choose classic games like Chess or Poker from this site.

Playing Cards

You can go to the site to enjoy classic card games like Checkers, Crazy Eights, and more. This is a free game and you don’t need to share your screen for this. Test your card playing skills.

Quiz Up

If you are a trivia addict, then you will love Quiz Up. There are lots of categories to choose from like video games, Harry Potter, sports, or Disney. This is freely downloadable.

You can choose any profile and tap Play. After choosing your topic, you can pick any one of your friends to challenge. With excellent graphics, these games give you an excellent user experience.

Have A Zoom Party!

Get the excitement back into your life with these engaging online games. Forget the outdoors, and start enjoying the indoors. Challenge your friends and have the best party of your life!


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