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Egatee App Review, Get Free 1000 Referral Bonus Earn Upto 20,000

Egatee App Review

Egatee App is one of the platforms out there that can help you earn free money or get a bonus from referrals ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 or even more. This is why we came about the review and how you can get up to 1,000 cash on Egatee App. 

You should be able to earn 1,000 Naira peripheral via Egatee and they have just unleashed a referral reward campaign that has been set aside for their users. 

In this article, we are going to lead you through the way on how you can earn or get free 1, 000 cash from Egatee App. 

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Egatee App

Egatee App is an e-commerce platform that gives visitors a chance to find goods and products at a cheap price that their headquarters is presently in Lagos. 

You should get the price of goals and different kinds of things in waste on the platform which is said to be tagged as a B2B e-commerce platform that should be one of the leading parts in Africa soon enough. 

Once you get to the Egatee App you should be able to see different kinds of goods at a cheap price that should suit your imaginary imaginable price with a lot of rewards that can be added to any goods you place on Egatee App. 

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Their main focus when this article was created is Lagos State Nigeria where you can go ahead to purchase on the platform if you are a resident in Lagos and they wish to make their platform larger so as to make people know about them more. 

You can get to know more about the platform if you join the Egatee App and be a satisfying member then you should see how you operate on their platform. 

How To Join the Egatee App

The first thing you need to take into consideration is to sign up to the platform using their official website before you can now proceed to download their mobile app which is all available on the Play store and app store. 

You can make use of the Direct official website to create your account and log in then click on any of the available products once you have logged in to Egatee App. 

From there you will be provided with the option to message a merchant from any goals to select. 

Just try to message any Merchant with any kind of messages like hi, hello, hey, and so on. 

Which diet should help Egatee App system to record that you are now a full user should help you to stand a chance of any from the platform. 

You will not like to know how you can earn your own first 1,000 from the platform using the referral program or campaign that has been set aside by Egatee App. 

How To Earn Free 1000 or Get 1000 Cash From Egatee App

Before you proceed to do anything you should have it that this particular program or referral program that has been set aside by then used to be end which might make it to be turned off but you can keep checking as they used to dish out up to 1 million Naira worth of cash price to their user so as to help them refer their friends and end 1,000 from each referral. 

Here is how you can earn your own free 1,000 and get your own free 1,000 on Egatee App once you refer any of your friends. 

  1. After you have successfully downloaded the Egatee App and signed it to your account you have messaged a merchant. 
  2. On the Egatee App main menu you will see options stated as refer and end. 
  3. Click on it then you’ll be provided with a notice if the campaign is still running that is stated as 1 million Naira worth of cash price for referral. 
  4. Then you cannot proceed to copy your referral link and share it with your friends telling them to register, sign up, download Egatee App, and also message a merchant. 
  5. Once you refer them and successfully carry out the steps they will earn 1,000 Naira or less. 
  6. The reward is stated to be randomly picked ranging from 300, to 500 for each referral. 
How To Earn Free 1000 or Get 1000 Cash From Egatee App

It’s stipulated that the lowest money you can earn from this referral program is 250.

How To Withdraw From Egatee

If you have gotten your referral bonus from Egatee App and you have reached the minimum withdrawal which is 1,000.

Then you can proceed to apply for withdrawal by clicking on the profile icon stated below in the menu section. 

Then you will be asked to verify your phone number and link a valid Palmpay account to your profile. 

Next, you will be asked to provide a withdrawal pin which will be used to confirm your withdrawal anytime you want to carry out a withdrawal from Egatee App. 

How To Withdraw From Egatee

Once you provide the info the money will be credited to the Palmpay account number you provide. 

Sing the referral program used to end in some moment whenever you stumble on this article and you find out that the program has ended. You can just keep checking Egatee and check when they stipulated on your referral page that the referral program will begin again.