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EA Sports FC 24 Apk OBB Data Download v20.1.03 Offline For Android 

EA Sports FC 24 Apk OBB Data Download Offline For Android 

Previously the PPSSPP version of this game was updated and published on this blog, Now you can download EA Sports FC 24 Apk OBB Data offline for Android version 20.1.03 which is also what was brought to notice. 

The available one earlier is called EA Sports FC 24 PPSSPP Fifa 2024 PSP game which this particular one you are about to download now house just like the main game apk that was provided for Android. 

The EA Sports FC 24 Apk, OBB, and Data seem to be another version of the main game fifa 24 which is what the game is always called when people wish to get it loaded to their major devices. 

It’s also said to be the first EA sports game after they actually ended their partnership with Fifa game officials in previous years. 

So in this particular article, you should be able to download the EA Sport FC 2024 game that is being designed for your Android device which can be downloaded for free with a direct download link. 

EA Sports FC 24 (2024)

You should have known about this game earlier has soccer game before you thought of you downloading it on your device EA Sports FC is just the updated version of the soccer game that has been said to be developed by EA Sports. 

I need small legs also called part of the game that should house the FIFA series which will be mentioned in our previous post about EA Sports FC game. 

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It contains different kinds of enhanced realistic gaming modes for mobile soccer games which will allow you to keep your rising on the football game non-stop. 

Release Date Of EA Sports FC 2024 

Before most people liked to download the game so we acted like to actually know when the game was actually released EA Sports FC 24 game was released on September 20 2023 and it has been much more recognized due to the kind of features that they have in the FIFA game aspect. 

You must still be waiting to download the male version of the EA Sports FC 24 which will be brought to your notice soon in times of waiting for that other version or other modified version of the game is now available and comes with some other files like the obb and data files. 

Is also better to look into some main features of the game before you go ahead and all think of doing any other things. 

Features Of EA Sports FC 24 Apk

We are going to be making a list of the soccer game which should be one of the favorite football video games you are looking for once you stumble into some of the amazing features it has. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Dai features of ea sports FC are more or less called an adaptive AI system which is designed to make the game look much more realistic to you. 

It is designed to master our players’ stumble around the game and adapt to that style so as to provide them with some Tactics and analyze the strategies that they use to play the soccer game. 

Career Mode/Mater League 

One of the features that most people like to see on various mobile games is to look for the career mode or the master league with this particular EA Sports FC 24 version you are about to download come with a master league. 

You should enjoy playing the game with its amazing storyline plus some of the favorite gameplay mode that is expected to be used as a professional in a soccer football game. 

And it comes with the latest transfer of various club team and players, which you can interact with and start creating your own career mode on the game. 

CLUB Strategy 

As the game houses did career mode features then you can make use of the EA Sports is frito bring your own club strategies so as to also create one. 

You can select from any of the teams and provide them with a manager mode like creating your own name of the club and also providing them with different kits logo stadiums and manage them to their Victory. 

eFootball™ World

The game also house one of the best features that most people will like to see on their game which is the efootball ™ world that allows you to connect with different kind of Player online and offline through your EA Sports FC game. 

Which car allows you to engage in different kinds of tournaments and different kinds of clubs that have been billed under career mode so as to be on the list of the top-ranking games. 

And to also achieve your mains bike becoming a professional or a legend in the soccer mobile football game world. 

Fully License Club

This particular bald partners with different kinds of top leagues like the Champions League Premier League La Liga Bundesliga League One cereal and some other topics that can be found under the women’s Champions League so as to render his user some amazing club features. 

Update Logo

When we talk about updates in logos it should have it on the back of your mind that you should get to see different kinds of logo shapes on different clubs with the recent update that has been made. 

Updated Graphic Display 

A visualization of the game now looks much more or less like animated graphics this display which houses some amazing hyper-real engine that makes the game look more beautiful. 

With the way this game is programmed your EA sports FC 24 game should look more or less like 30 due to how the players preview and deliver to you when playing the game. 

The term integration of ea sport FC has made the game much more enhancements with the game mode by allowing them to look into building their own squad with the way they wish to customize the game to their own taste. 

You will get to see the world whenever you challenge any club or anything and you win on one any football league. 

Download EA Sports FC 24 Apk + OBB + Data 

The download page should house just one link that will help you to download all files ranging from the APK OBB and data file of ea sport fc 24 games you want to download. 

App NameEA Sports FC 2024
Featuring Fifa 24
Other FileApk, OBB & Data
Version 20.1.03
Last UpdateToday
TypeMobile Soccer Game

Requirements For EA Sports FC 2024

Available for Android devices that house 2GB RAM or more. 

The device should also have a storage unit of at least 4GB available. 

Then the Android operating system should range from 5.0 upwards. 

Download Here

How To Instal EA Sports FC 24 Apk OBB Data

Once your system or Android device meets the requirement and you are finished downloading the game then you can proceed with the installation. 

  1. But first, you will need a file extractor for mobile which is called Zachiver
  2. Download and install it to your device then you can make use of it to extract the zip file you just downloaded above. 
  3. Once you extract the file it should be provided with the EA Sports fc 24 mod APK followed up with the data file and obb file. 
  4. Then you will first need to move the OBB file and the data file to the appropriate folder. 
  5. You can see those folders available on your Android folder once you first open your storage unit. 
  6. After you have successfully moved define you can now proceed to install the EA Sports fc24 APK once you click on it. 
  7. What is the APK installation is completed you cannot proceed to open the game and start playing related games of the FIFA 2024 game. 
  8. We have also provided different ways that you can useon how to install any games that Come Out APK OBB and data file on your device provided here on the blog. 

Final Say

Have you gotten what you are looking for?  Issue is better to share the kind of experience you are having with the game currently below in a discussion section so as to bring more clarification to others. 


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