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Coinpayu Review – Will They Pay $2.5 Million? (Legit Or Scam) 

Coinpayu Review

Coinpayu is another way to make money online platform that we’ve brought to your notice we are going to tell you something you need to know about the platform that we called a review. 

Coinpayu claims to pay their members $2.5 million if they were able to carry out some major tasks for them. 

Would they be able to pay you this huge amount of money? Can you even earn as much on Coinpayu? All questions should be provided with answers on this page. 

It’s also been brought to our notice that most people as also been searching for coinpayu payment proof. 

This is something common that almost provides online money-making platform legitimacy or red flag of the (scam) or if the platform is fake. 

If you also wish to know if coinpayu is legit or a scam platform stick with us to the end of this article. 

About Coinpayu

Coinpayu is a platform that has been available for people who make money online in different ways. 

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They offer different ways for people that make money online, like performing some tasks and making money from that. 

Some of the major ways people earn money from coinpayu are through click to get paid or click2earn, that is to watch ads. 

Referral or affiliate contests, and some other major ways which we are going to talk about more below. 

This article should actually lead you through the cron and pros of coinpayu likewise if it is legit or fake (scam). 

From there you should be able to, you can now reason for yourself whether to join the platform or not. 

How To Join Coinpayu 

Coinpayu is free for most countries you can join for free once you navigate to their official website, they made it available for everyone to join. 

They also have an application available in which you can just download coinpayu apk or app and start making use of it. 

You need to click on the join for the free button to visit the signup page. 

How To Join Coinpayu 

Once you’ve completely signed up on coinpayu you can now proceed to log in and learn how you can earn from the platform below. 

How To Earn From Coinpayu

There are different ways you can earn money from coinpayu which are. 

Watching Ads (Click2earn) 

One of the major ways that coinpayu can help you make money online is by viewing ads. 

Which is known to be Payperclick or Click2earn likewise watch ads to earn. 

There are different clicks to earn ads you can use to make money on coinpayu which are by viewing ads from surf ads, window ads, and article ads. 

Any ads you view or watch from some seconds at least 60 seconds can let you earn up to 6.8 satoshi. 

Satoshi is the smallest size of bitcoin, watching ads for a minimum of 60 seconds can let you earn 6.8 satoshi. 

You can learn more about Satoshi here on our Ember fund review as well. 

All you need to do is click on any ads and ads will open you need to stay on the ads for the time range stated on it. 

You can keep clicking on ads for up to 37 surf

 ads in the day and check out other sections. 

It’s easy but it takes you some effort to gather some money on this platform. 

They have many ads to click on the site ranging from article ads and window ads. 

You just have to click to earn in Bitcoin as a satoshi in Crypto dollars

And as we’ve said earlier the platform claims to help you earn $2.5 million. We will get to that soon. 

Earn On Coinpayu Through Offer

There is another section on coinpayu official website which tag Offer another menu available on the site. 

Once you click on the offer menu provided at the left side menu if you are on PC. 

They have available paid offers like surveys that you can partake in and earn. 

Surveys have been integrated from,  Bitlaps, Theoremreach,  Pollfish, and more surveys. 

We have a lot of numerous surveys, which surveys are provided and details by where you live and how you set up your profile on coinpayu. 

They also have a different Offerwall still available on the offer section that you can still use for making money on Coinpayu as well. 

Now is the best time to talk about the section where coinpayu stated that you will earn millions of dollars through them. 

Earn Upto $2.5 Million Through Affiliate On Coinpayu 

After you’ve clicked on the coin pay Affiliate Menu you will be provided with another submenu. 

Submenu which includes Referrals, Leaderboard, Promo Materials, and others. 

So just click on the referral menu to see a referral program where you can get paid to invite others. 

Their referral program is designed as an affiliate when you recommend people who will buy their ads. 

You will get paid for ad sales commission which is quite huge. 

When you invite 10 advertisers and they spend $500 total on ads you will get paid $250.

Followed by when you invite 100 ad buyers and they spend a total of $5,000 you will be rewarded with $25,000.

Followed by the last section where they stated that if you invite 1000 advertisers and they spend a total of $50,000 then you will get paid $2,500,00.

Earn Upto $2.5 Million Through Affiliate On Coinpayu 

Wow, that is a huge amount of money and that is how much you can earn on coinpayu which is how it was stated on their website. 

The question now is can you get an advertiser that would like to advertise on PTC sites like coinpayu? 

You should get your answer based on our review soon. 

Is Coinpayu Legit Or (Fake) Scam? 

Coinpayu might be a legit platform in which they might pay you a few out of ads that you click on their platform and offers that you engage with on the site. 

But where things should get scary is that part of the $2.5 million that can be earned through referral (affiliate) 

Might seem like scam ads or fake on the platform to make you join the affiliate referral content. 

What you should know is most advertisers won’t like to run their ads on platforms like coinpayu. 

Because they believe most people who will view their ads are just people who won’t interact with it as they want. 

Since they come to the platform to earn click PTC,  most of the ads might not be viewed or interacted with as advisers want. 

So it will be hard to even get at least 10 advertisers because you can think of getting 1000 advertisers that will allow you to earn a whopping amount of $2.5 million. 

Coinpayu Payment Proof 

We don’t have any payment proof of coinpayu available as of when this article was published but once we do, we will make it available on this article. 

So try to check back for coinpayu payment proof. 

Final Say

What is Your thoughts about the earning part of $2.5 million set out on coinpayu? Let us know in the comments section. We’ve come to the end of the review. 

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