Chipper Cash N1000 Bonus: How To Earn Up to N5000 From Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash 1000 bonus

Have you ever heard about Chipper Cash? I guess not. The app is legit. The main function of the app is to send money from Nigeria to some Africa countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, and Nigeria instantly. Join us on Chipper Cash. It’s an app that lets us send money to each other and to anyone in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, or Ghana, likewise UK or USA now.

Their referral system is awesome. For every person, you refer to the app you’ll get N1000 and not N250 again, and the person also will get N,1000 not 250. A referral program that lets both the Invite and the Invitee enjoy 1000 Naira when the invitee signs up and verifies their account. and also fund their chipper cash account and transfer to other chipper cash account using the tag like @Altech you can simply send and receiver your fund back from the person you send to.

That’s not all, you’ll also get 1000 Naira credited to your account after you successfully signed up Download and sign up HERE see more info below. The application offers 1000 Naira per referral. All you need to do is to download the application from the above link and follow the steps below.

How To Register And Join Chipper Cash

Once you download the app, put your phone number to register, the registration is very simple, just follow the prompts. Once you’re done with the registration, you’ll have to verify your account (Very Important) and sends 1000 Naira out of another chipper cash account to be able to get the 1000 Naira bonus.

you can send your own account @Altech as the chippercash tag and contact us on telegram using our telegram bot for a refund of the fund you send so has to get a refund of the 1000 and as well to get your own 1000 registration bonus and referral bonus.

How To Verify Your Account On Chipper Cash

The verification: You can verify with your BVN or national ID card or voter’s ID card. To verify,
click on profile then stroll down to the bottom you will see get verified. If you download the app from the Google play store you need to put this referral code “G6E6Q”

Let me tell you: You can transfer to your bank and withdraw. Let’s say you refer 20 people to download the app through your link in a day, that’s 1000×20… Which is  20k  N20,000 without any stress nor Labor some people are scared to verify their account with BVN. The app is 100% registered and secured. It only needs your BVN so they can verify your account. And you can use any of the ID cards mentioned above to verify.

Payment Prove From Chipper Cash

Below are the screenshots of my proof.

Chipper Cash 1000 bonus

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  1. Qns.lam a referee of Uganda and I don’t have a national ID card or voters’ ID card.Then is it allowed to use a referee ID during registration!

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