Avast Cleanup Premium Mod Apk Latest Version 5.6.2

Avast Cleanup Premium Mod Apk

We’ve all been in that position where our android phone just lags for no reason, but maybe it because the phone is low on storage or the ram space is just probably used up. Restart your phone might actually solve this issue but trust me, there is a much better solution to this. Avast Cleanup Premium v5.6.2.

Avast cleanup is the right app to choose when looking for a tool to help you clean up your storage and free up some space for a better mobile performance. This app has no annoying ads and it definitely knows what to clear up on your phone.

Avast cleanup

Avast cleanup is an android tool developed by avast to maximise your smart phone’s performance by clearing up caches and unused datas, it also clear-up ram storage to put your phone in the best working performance.

When looking for an android app to swiftly boost your phone’s performance, there is no better app to go for than avast. The developer has worked around the clock to develop such an excellent memory cleaner app as they always do. Most of their apps are always top are rarely comparable with others.

The boost memory option is always available to swiftly perform cleaning task without much effort, when it comes memory cleanup and top security, avast can surely not be neglected. Plus this app contains no ad at all. Such great news for people who hates looking at annoying ads!.Avast Cleanup Premium v5.4.1

Features of avast cleanup

Memory free up

Your device memory van easily be freed up with the great tool, reducing huge works and stress, no need to manually delete unused files and items ad this app will automatically do the work for you.

Simple interface

The app user interface is a very easy to understand one, as functions has been layed out in a very understanding manner. Once you launch the app, you’ll definitely know what to do next.

Battery optimizer

With this feature avast cleaner can optimize your battery performance to bring out the best of it. Other memory booster app consumes lots of battery and doesn’t really do what it says, but that’s not the case with avast cleanup premium. You battery life will be improved to perform in it’s best capacity.

Upload to cloud

The app also has a function that allows you to upload your phone contents to cloud based storage like Google drive, Dropbox and Onedrive. This function is very useful when there are lots of important file on your mobile, but you must free up some space to improve phone performance.Avast Cleanup Premium Mod Apk v5.4.1

Requirements for installing avast cleanup

  • An Android device of version of 4.0 and above
  • Internal storage space of at least 50MB.

Download links

Click the below button to be redirected to the download page.

Additional information

App name Avast cleanup
App size24MB
App version5.6.2
DeveloperAvast software
Supported deviceAndroid v4.0+
Package name


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Download Avast Cleanup Premium 5.6.2


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