Alitech Forum Was Launched Of Recent May Five 5 2020

Alitech Forum

Alitech forum is forum that was design by alitech founder of, the aim of the forum is to engage people with different kind of post or article that might be giving people problem or issues on tech aspect mostly, it’s also make people to engage in some discussion that might lead to knowledge to some people’s when they visit or search for related stuff on any search engine worldwide. 

The forum and the founder was located in Nigeria, and is basically free to all users that register to post or make anything on anything that might come to mind or to share some stuff with different people as a notice to them all. 

I as the founder wish to put this into a written aspect for most people to know about the forum that it exists and I will like you my fellow supporters and humble followers to put the forum into Notice. What I mean by that was you should share the forum with your friend so they can know about it. 


We can build a community together, buh we can’t do that with your assistant and time let make Alitech Forum a better community. 

Alitech forum contain different forum and subfoum which people can publish articles on and wait for people to join the discussion. For now the forum is provided with some other list of forum that are listed below. 

Alitech Forum

List Of Forum On Alitech Forum


  1. General discussion forum which contains subforum like General News and politics. 
  2. Technology forum which contains a sub forum of Tech news.
  3. Free browsing forum has a subforum of all network providers in Nigeria (Mtn, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile)  also contain a forum for free browsing as for general posts. 
  4. Make money online forum it’s already explain itself, ways on how to make money online contain sub forum like crypto currency forum list ways how to make money online true crypto currency and more.
  5. Android world forum has a sub forum of bothe for android apps and games that also involve android phone reviews. 
  6. iOS World forum strictly for iOS users will help them to fix issues which they might be facing on their ios device like iPhone and more, also contact his own game arena section and review of the ios device too.
  7. Entertainment forum strictly available for articles and discussion about any entertainment stuff trending parts and more for music movies and any entertainment stuff will be published on the forum. 
  8. Computer world which was attached to the forum nodes for any stuff related to computer perspective and to provide the members with some related software for Pc and Desktop users. 
  9. Bloggers forum, we have different kind of site but mostly base on WordPress mean not and for does that want free host for Blogspot blogger all together we have forum that entails people into blogging discussion. 
  10. Laste How to’s forum, most people before they search any online to add how to.  It’s because we all want to know how to do most stuff which we might find difficulties in, so we provide our community or forum with some related stuff on the forum. 


As time goes on we will start adding some other forum to Alitech forum, you can go straight to the forum by clicking below button and register directly on the forum let engage into some serious discussion together. 

I think I have clarified a lot on what and why Alitech forum was designed. Undo if you still have some questions you can ask view the comments section below. 

Visit Alitech Forum Here

Register On Alitech Forum

Alitech forum Tech community for tech lovers and others. 


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