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Aesthetics & Color Palettes Ideas You Can Try For Your Social Media

Aesthetics & Color Palettes Ideas You Can Try For Your Social Media

There was a time when social media was just a platform that connected people from miles apart. This is where we made new friends and talked to our loved ones sitting far away.

However, we wouldn’t say that much has changed, but we have certainly come a long way. Since the term marketing has been attached to its description, social media has become more of looks and appeal for business than personal.

Plus, marketers and business owners have realized that this is that one place where you will have all the types of the target audience which you are looking for.

Now that you have finally reached the article that you were looking for. An excerpt that specifically talks about all aesthetics and color palettes that will make your social media look more appealing, then we would suggest-

Read & take notes!

These will not only help you in your personal branding but make you recognizable and stand out.

Why Is Color Palette So Important For Social Media Branding?

Stepping aside from the optimizations and everything which is bringing the audience. Let us concentrate more on the creative front for a second. If you want to get more mood board ideas, then you can download high-end software for free from proxy-rarbg.

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– A good aesthetic and mood board for your social media will bring you more customers than any optimization. Even if the optimization is bringing your clients, once they are dissatisfied with the page, they will click out.

– With an aesthetic and color palette that your target audience likes, you will be able to attract more.

– It is the creativity that is either making them stop scrolling or stay a little longer and check out the page.

– With good presentation comes good engagement through comment sections and stories. You can take this opportunity and get to know your audience better.

– Creativity with such elements allows you to be as unique as possible. This will help you stand out.

Color Palettes For Your Taste

Unique color palette theories will help you stand out among your competitors.

1. Choose A Base Color

Yes, the first thing which you need to do is get a base color. This color is your brand’s identity. So, no matter what happens, you are not shifting from this color. If you want to add more creativity, then you have to add elements around this color.

Do not take it as a restriction but as a challenge. Because it is only through this color on your social media pages that people will recognize you. Just imagine: if Starbucks suddenly strayed from its signature green. Thus, a base color is very important for the brand.

2. Get Familiar With The Color Wheel

Now that you have decided to make your social media mood board by playing with some color palettes, you have to ensure that everything looks aesthetically pleasing. This is one of the reasons why you need to be familiar with the color palette.

The mood boards of your Instagram should be soothing to the eyes, and so should the color scheme of your Tumbler. So, learn more about colors.

3. Name Your Feed

If you have a color for your brand, then you must have a name for it as well. No, this is not the name of the company; this is probably a color or aesthetic which perfectly describes your business’s personality.

For example: ‘#Bleed_Blue.’

4. Mix & Match

If you are tired of the same color, then you have the liberty to mix and match in your feed. However, there are a few things which you have to keep in mind.

– You cannot change the base color.

– If you are contrasting, then use the direct opposite color of the color wheel.

– You can play safe with neutrals like black and white but have to find your own way to make it more interesting.

5. Keep It Monochromatic

A change can also be bought without changing much. For example, if you want something which will match your color palette and yet give you enough options of creativity, then you can try the monochromatic.

For example, if your base color is red, try and research all the other shades of red that you can play with. The possibilities are endless.

Pick Wisely!

The color palette which you choose is a big deal. Do not take it as some trivial creative part. This color will represent your business.

So, pick wisely!

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