Adscrier Review 2021 – Is legit or a scam, How to advertise & make money on Adscrier

Adscrier review

The need for people to start making money online has increased this Inturn has pulled up the rate to which people start Affiliate marketing companies Globally, Nigeria, in particular, has misinterpreted this opportunity, under the canopy of affiliate marketing, networking, and investment, many Ponzi schemes are coming up and crashing monthly, this is not a new thing to anyone online on Adscrier

Out of all these numerous money-making companies, we at Alitech have always made sure we brought to you the best and the ones we think are more relevant. Now here comes Adscrier.

Adscrier is an Affiliate marketing company that was started up to help medium, large scale businesses and individuals to achieve sustainable growth, giving room for people to advertise their business with them and also giving room for affiliated individuals to earn money online through their website, This platform came into existence in May 2021 which means it’s been operating for barely a 2 months as at when this review was made.

How Does Adscrier Works?

There’s no really big difference between Adscrier and other platforms that we’ve seen before,  just that on Adscrier has taken a step forward by making Affiliate members earn strictly by sharing adverts to their social media accounts or page, they also give room for Advertisers to place adverts on their website, monitor their advert statistics and lots more, on there are two types of users which are; AFFILIATE and ADVERTISER

Adscrier USER & Affiliate Packages

On Adscrier the Affiliate users earn by subscribing to Adscrier Affiliate packages then sharing adverts on their social media accounts like Facebook and WhatsApp every day, at the end of 30 days their earnings accumulate to 50% extra profit on their subscription, In the picture below is  the list of Adscrier Affiliate packages 

Adscrier packages

As an affiliate on Adscrier you can earn from N6,000 in 15 days on the Economic package, up to N825,000 on the Ultra package, this sounds enticing and giving opportunity for investors with a small start-up capital. 

Adscrier Affiliate Packages

On Adscrier the advert users can only place adverts through the Adscrier website, and monitor advert statistics,  placing Adverts is quite affordable as it cost from N20,000 to N40,000, the advert users do not have the opportunity to earn on Adscrier at all, they can only place adverts on Adscrier 


On Adscrier referral is absolutely optional, but only Affiliate members earn from a referral, their referral bonuses are listed in the picture above. The phone number you used for registration is your referral code. 

How To Register On Adscrier

To proceed with registration on Adscrier click here then choose between the Affiliate and Advertiser, choose the Affiliate option if you want to start earning on Adscrier,  or choose the Advertiser option if you want to place adverts on Adscrier

Register on Adscrier

After choosing the account type you want to register on, a button will pops up to continue then click continue to fill in the details as required in the form below

 How to join Adscrier

You’ll receive a verification link, in your mail inbox or spam, click the verification link then your account email will be verified, once verified, accept the terms and conditions then continue to choose the package you desire to subscribe on you’ll be given an invoice, after this message one of their Admins with your invoice ID to purchase a voucher in order to complete your subscription. 

Is Adscrier Legit?

It is very important to note that Adscrier is a new platform, that’s also bringing a new form to the Nigerian money-making industry, but do not forget that a lot of platforms like this has turned out to later fail, let’s be realistic Adscrier as said is the new glimpse of hope as it is practically into Affiliate marketing, this could be an opportunity for those that have lost to ponzu schemes in the past in order to pick up their pieces from where they left them, 

Adscrier is still new for now so it’ll be ridiculous and unprofessional to say their not real, with the observation of things Adscrier is still very much legit for now, as it’s still paying just as seen in the evidence below Adscrier payment proof

Adscrier withdrawal prove

 This might be an opportunity for those that have lost a lot to other platforms that have failed in the past, still, I fo Advice people to invest what they can afford to lose as all these platforms cannot be fully trusted, you can start with the lower packages depending on what you can afford, this platform claims to spike up people’s possibilities endlessly by paying Affiliate users for doing almost nothing, they also Advertiseme peoples product, it’s clearly stated in their claims on how they pay Affiliate subscribers from money made from Advertisers, giving a bright opportunity for people to earn through them is a good idea, many people might not see this as an opportunity for them to earn online, as for us it’s still a blazing chance for anyone that seed it since its new, fresh and still paying.

We’ve taken the responsibility of bringing you a review on platforms like this from time to time,  and it’s part of our culture to enlighten you on the advantages and disadvantages of such platforms, here are the merits and demerits of Adscrier;

Advantages Of Adscrier

There’s no doubt that Adscrier gives a plain opportunity for individuals, medium, large scale businesses to acquire sustainable growth, all just at their fingertips, Affiliates Subscription plan is DK affordable as barely everyone can afford  N4000 to start earning online, Affiliates can also earn from the comfort of their home just by sharing other people’s advert to their social media pages or accounts, they fo not promise too many returns like others, while Advertisers could advertise their services at the most affordable cost,  Referral being optional on Adscrier makes it stand out from other platforms like Forsage which allows for earnings solely on referring other people.

Another advantage of the platform is good customer support,  they have one of the best customer support as they reply to customers’ requests almost immediately. 

Disadvantages Of Adscrier

The major disadvantage and red flag of Adscrier is the fear of losing one’s money, the subscription may be affordable but there are people who want to earn buy can’t afford to lose their penny.  It’s always good if anyone wants to subscribe with such platforms to try with the lower packages first


We’re bent on providing everyone with the most valuable facts and reviews on money-making, networking, Affiliate marketing, multilevel marketing, and all opportunities surrounding, Here’s another review for you on Adscrier Affiliate Marketing Program done by our review experts and analysts.

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