Abeg/Pocket App Bonus: How to earn up to $20 from the PocketApp

Pocket App bonus

What I do I’m bored stated with two different kind of name who is the first one is called Abeg and the other one is called Pocket these are the simplest form but now I have different name due to the new owner that is said to be Piggyvest, the abeg app all Pocketapp now offering a bonus to their uses which we are going to be talking about a how you can end up to $20 (N10,000) from the pocket app bonus which is said to be a bonus available for everyone. 

If you remember as of some month ago we have talked about the abeg which you can earn some certain amount from 250 – 500 the program that most people enjoy even till date but now is on different houses you don’t need to refer anybody for you to get this latest pocket app bonus. 

He already compiled articles previously on the abeg app referral bonus which you can also check out yourself but now the platform is now acquired by piggyvest which makes it to make the name to be changed they might be running this bonus offer so as to make most of that user notice about their changes so what you have to do is to stick around to the end of this post to know what you need to know so as to get your own free bonus from the pocket app. 

About Abeg / Pocket App

Abeg is the name that is known for the app before but now is not Known to be packaged, which is the same platform that operates in some way that they have been operating before. 

What brings up the changes as you said earlier is because he’s been acquired by another platform so as to make the work goes smoothly as straight forward the company in the choir our, when known abeg have, is called piggyvest, which is one of the great platform out there that also offer some kind of services to their users. 

What we know earlier that our recent pocket app is doing or allowing it to do is to buy and sell or make transactions of funds two different kinds of Banks weeding their platform it makes shopping selling and payment of stuff easy for you. 

Which is better for you to know about the basic features before we go further on other things you need to know about the pocket app bonus. 

Latest features of the pocket app

These features make you understand how the pocket app works and operate likewise know how you as a user make use of such a platform through their mobile app. 

Shopping With Abeg App

With the use of abeg app you are the seller will now be allowed to open your own personal shop on the pocket app using the shop features available and the mobile app. 

As at when the article was made once you create your own shop on the app you will get to pay zero commission on every sale you make through the app which you can showcase items that you want to sell on abeg app through your Instagram handle. 

Buying Features 

People that wish to buy stuff buttons on the pocket app have also been provided with their features which are backed up with their most encrypted features so as to remove 100% fear of getting scammed from its users on the app. 

So they now offers great features of shopping online on the pocket app. 

Alternative product Showcase

Is also a feature that will help you to Showcase or make you Showcase your used household items that you will like to sell on the pocket app which is you can also make the price negotiate a bill for anybody that wishes to purchase through the app. 

Banking features

Answer to what the app is known for before the pocket app still allows you to make a payment or receive payment through the app to your local Banks which the features of money transfer on the pocket app or abeg help it still intact till date. 


The market feature is one of the latest introduced features that is just available on the pocket app,  which allows you to market any of the products goods, or services that you wish to sell on the app using the marketing features that are all available all that you can find on the app. 

There are also many other features that are available on the hub which we can mention features like ways to get paid on your pocket shop and so on and so forth which you can look into once you gain access to the app. 

Now we are going to be looking into the straightforward features that will allow you to get yourself your own pocketapp bonus that is worth up to $20.

How To Get Pocket App Bonus

You do know she’s there waiting for you already all you have to do is just a simple task by adding or importing your own contacts that are available on the pocket or Abed up that will allows you to get 50% cashback of the bonus or of the amount of contact that you have on the app which can be done by following the process that will be stated below. 

In general, the pocket app will pay you for having some certain amount of contact that is making use of the abeg app and that is very fine their account on pocketapp, just follow the process below to know how you can get. 

How to claim the pocket app bonus

You said earlier you don’t need to refer anybody to abeg app. All you have to do is just follow the simple process below. 

  • Firstly download the pocket or abeg app from Play Store or by clicking here to go straight to the download page. 
  • Once you download the app, sign up or log in to your pocketapp account. 
  • Make sure you verify in your new or old account the vibration needs to be done either if you are a new user or a user of the abeg app. 
  • Once you log in to the app, on the bucket happening menu click on the button show my friends as you can see below. 
Abeg App Bonus

Follow up with the Pop-Up page which will tell you that he will get 50% cashback of the amount of contact using the abeg app. 

Once you complete the process instantly kill money all the cash back should be deposited to your pocket app account. 

Some kind of issue you can face when trying to claim the pocket app bonus

If you try to claim a bonus and you are having some kind of error or you have to do is be patient for the server that power up the bonus cleaning process might have been loaded with a lot of people, so you will surely get your own bonus if you abide by the rule or if you have enough of contacts that are using the pocket app on your contact list. 

Any kind of error you might be facing just have it at the back of your mind that this bonus is still working you can see some proof below. 

Pocket App bonus withdrawal

How can I be eligible for the pocket app bonus?

As it was said earlier or you have to have at the back of your mind or so as to the eligibility is to add contacts or phone numbers that are making use of the abeg app on your contact list so there is no other thing that is needed to be done. 

How to withdraw the pocket app bonus

You can use your number with a normal process to withdraw the pocket app bonus to your local bank. Look for an account where you will get paid or get credited instantly once the transaction is made. 

The pocket app is more or less like a bank app that you can use to save, send, get credited debited, and do some other transactions that you can do on your bank app or Local bank. 

Final say

We brought you another easy way how you can make money online by just using the pocket app. Everything provided in this article is strictly for information purposes so all you have to do is to stick around with us so as to get the latest updates. 


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