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Get 2GB Free And more From Gidimo

Get 2GB Free And more From Gidimo

What bring these about ,That the question you should ask first, it’s nothing just that Gidimo is Finding ways to improve there Facebook page so to make things easier they make way of Give Away has stated below. 
 According to Gidimo
We’ve got 3000GB of data to give within the next 3 days and you can win UNLIMITEDLY.
Here’s what you have to do:
1. Follow gidimo  
2. In the comments below tag 5 friends to follow us  
3. After following, each tagged friend that follows should reply the comment stating “following for @…” 
4. Send us a DM with your phone number 
5. Receive 1GB when your 5 friends have followed
6. And an additional 1GB each time 5 new friends you tag follow 
7. Make sure all friends you tag are new followers  
Remember: Winning is UNLIMITED! So get your friends and start following nooowwww #SeizeYourFuture!

How does these works? 
There is nothing special to do, is just way of inviting your friends to there page and tell them to comment that’s all follow the steps below. 
Precautions :
1.Visit Gidimo Facebook page click here for direct follower link.
2.Then tag 5 friend to follow there page  by using the comment box e.g (@Aliyu lekan Ismail@Muhammad issa @njra faruq @Stephen godus  @Muhammad Muhammad  follow and like gidimo page) do it as shown in the bracket 
3.After that tell your friend to also comment to the post too  using your own name e.g (“following @Aliyu lekan ismail”) they should type it has shown in the Bracket 
4.Send your number to gidimo direct message on there page 
5. That all just wait for the five people you tag follows and comments to you gain 1GB you keep getting although if 5 people you tag follows completely. 
Enjoy use the come box if you have any questions Thanks. 
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